What Can You Use The Money For?

  • Any 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


What is all of the hype about?

How would you like a grant so your child/children can be involved in their favorite sport or club or to help with the cost of education or for your church or other non-profit organization?  When you volunteer through the group at one of the Levy venues, DTE or Meadowbrook, CERV receives a percentage of the sales.   

What do we do at the venues?

Our group works in the concession stands.  Different items are sold at the different stands.  Some sell food items and beer and others sell snack items and beer and alcohol.  We arrive about an hour before the doors open to set up and prepare the stand.  After the stand closes we clean up.  Sometimes there are opportunities to vend beer.

When you sign up for an event, it is important that you show up and be on time!
Last Updated June 26, 2018
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