One word regarding the rules before we get into them.  There are many rules.  Some you will feel are "stupid".  Regardless of how you feel about them they must be followed.  Also, keep in mind that new, little rules are added and changed constantly.  The only consistency there is with the rules is that there is no consistency.  As a group, we must go with the flow and adhere to each change.  Remember, this is a win-win situation and if we choose not to follow the rules, Levy has many groups just waiting in the wings to take our place.  They are fully in charge.

One more note to keep in mind, Levy loves to deduct percentages from groups for not following the rules.  If there is a deduction to the group, and it is your fault, the deduction will come from your grant.
  • Black, cotton, docker-style pants (No jeans, corduroy, capri pants or peddle pushers, floods, gouchos, spandex, running pants, sweats, skirts, shorts, warm-ups.  Anything that is between the knee and the ankle is unacceptable!)  (The only exception is at DTE and Meadowbrooke.  You can wear black, cotton shorts to the knee or to the finger tips when your arms are extended down at your sides.)
  • Polo shirt - Manufacturer: Core 365, Style: 88181 (Men's) or 78181 (Women's), Color: Carbon
  • Closed toe and closed heel shoes. (any color)

  • You must purchase your own.
  • Must be a black hat (baseball).
  • Must be worn if you are cooking or preparing food.

General Rules:
  • Hair:  Must be pulled back if it touches the collar.
  • NO Smoking. Smoking is not permitted on the premises for all of our venues, this applies to all employees as well as all volunteers.
  • All eating must be done in the break area.
  • No purses!  (You can bring a clear bag.)
  • No cell phones can be seen, heard or used in the stands or on the concourse.
  • No food is to be taken out of the stand after the events.
  • No visible tattoos. If someone has one in an exposed location (arm, wrist, etc.) it must be appropriately covered up.
  • Males who wear facial hair are to be neatly trimed. The only exception is that you can have a mustache to the corner of the mouth.
  • Facial piercings (eyebrows, nose, lip, etc.) are not permitted. Ladies are only allowed 2 earrings per ear. Gentlemen earrings are not allowed.
  • Males cannot wear visible, body piercing.
  • You must arrive in the stand on time!
  • All complaints are to be voiced to the CERV group stand manager, not to Levy personnel. 
  • You must have your driver's license or MI picture ID when you check in at each event.
  • NO WATCHING THE PERFORMANCES!  You will be told to leave!

  • If there is a deduction to the group, and it is your fault, the monetary deduction will be the responsibility of the individual.

All rules are subject to be changed.

All cancellations should be done two weeks prior to the event. Emergencies do occur, please call or email Michelle Rierson to find a replacement. Scheduled volunteers who do not show up for an event, may cause the group to be reprimanded and/or receive a deduction. The monetary deduction will be the responsibility of the individual who did not show up.

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